Harvest Summer Ministry Teams

Harvest Ministry Teams

Harvest is a non-for-profit ministry with a desire to give students and young adults experience in ministry. Harvest accomplishes this by taking students for on the road training to churches, camps and youth events. Since its beginning in 1996, over 110 people have been involved with the ministry. Tim Price serves as the Director of Harvest Ministry Teams which comes under the direction of the Harvest Board of Directors.


The Harvest Mission

To equip young adults for Christian ministry and to be a resource to the church in the areas of praise & worship and youth ministry.

The Team

Harvest Worship Band - A praise & worship team comprised of 5-7 young adults and led by Harvest Director, Tim Price. This team shares by leading in praise & worship music, devotionals, small groups, lessons, etc.

To be on a Ministry Team you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have completed the 12th grade.
  • Love Jesus and have a desire to continually grow in His likeness.
  • Have a heart for worship, youth ministry, and/or creative ministry.
  • Be willing to serve at churches and events as a short-term missionary.
  • Be ministry minded and able to work as a team.
  • Be teachable.
  • Be willing and able to commit to several weeks of training and volunteer traveling ministry.

Apply to be on a Summer Team

We are very excited that you are considering joining Harvest Ministry Teams for the summer of 2013.

This application process is to help in selecting team members that will be serving between June 1st and August 1st.

Once selected, team members are expected to attend a spiritual retreat to begin preparing for the summer.

In order to be considered for a Harvest Ministry Team you will need to:

  • Be in prayer about your involvement with Harvest Ministry Teams.

  • Fill out an online application.

    Online Application**

    **Before completing the online application form, please review and prepare responses to the following questions.

    1. How does your faith in God make a difference in the way you live and act? Please list specific examples of this.
    2. What does "worship" mean to you?
    3. Who is Jesus?
    4. What is God teaching you right now?
    5. Where do you feel you are in your spiritual walk?
    6. What kind of ministry experience have you had in the past?
    7. What do you feel are your spiritual gifts?
    8. What are you greatest weaknesses?
    9. Please select a passage of scripture and tell us how it speaks to you.
    10. Please describe in detail your musical, dramatic, and/or technical abilities.
         Instrumentalists - Please include instrument(s) played, length of time played, style of music played, etc.
         Vocalists - Please include if you sing melody and/or harmony, your range, etc.
         Actors - Please include if you have received any training, past experiences, etc.
         Technicians - Please include what equipment and/or programs you are familiar with, how long, etc.
    11. Please describe any other areas of personal giftedness that you feel would make a contribution to a ministry team.

  • Have three Recommendation Forms sent in from persons not related to you.
    You will need to make copies of the Recommendation Form for the following: 1. A pastoral reference - ex: Pastor, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Worker
    2. A musical/drama/technical reference - ex: Minister, Music Teacher, Private Teacher, Band/Choral Director, Theater Director, or someone you have worked with as a Musician/Technician
    3. A peer reference - ex: Accountability Partner, Fellow Student, etc.

  • Submit your application no later than March 15, 2013.
  • Each team member is asked to join in helping to raise support for the summer ministry. If you are traveling for one week event, then we ask you to join the ministry by inviting people to support your role with $150. If you are traveling more than two weeks, you’re invited to help by raising $300. Most team members raise this by requesting support through family, friends, and home churches. Sample letters will be provided for this endeavor. Team members are not paid for serving during the summer, but all travel, lodging, and meals are covered from June - August (this does not include the break for several days at the beginning of July).

If you are a previous Harvest Team member and would like to apply to be a part of the 2011 Harvest Summer Team, you may use the Short Application Form: Short Application.pdf.

For questions about being on a Harvest Summer Team, please contact Tim Price:
email: tim@harvestministryteams.com
phone: 618-667-6241 ext 14